Experienced Developer

A development is just as good as the developer who backs it. Over the past 8 years, GQ Construction became known as a property developer with both integrity and skill to complete various developments in Gauteng and North West.

The success of our developments can be attributed to the fact the GQ Construction take responsibility for all aspects of the development, including the sourcing and procuring of suitable land for development, initial project- and town planning, construction and marketing of the developments. In view of our turn-key approach, the fact that we own the land, we achieve total savings of up to 15% on the total development cost. These savings ensure affordable selling prices to the client and that buyers receive the best value for money.

Etosha Estate

  • Location: Baillie Park, Potchefstroom, North West
  • Description: 23 Full Title Free Standing Houses
  • Project Value: R35,000,000
  • Availability: Last Houses Now Selling


  • Location: Die Bult, Potchefstroom, North West
  • Description: 14 Sectional Title Apartments
  • Project Value: R13,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

GQ Construction

  • Location: Dam Area, Potchefstroom, North West
  • Description: Refurbishment of Residential House
  • Project Value: R3,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD

Ruby Corner

  • Location: Featherbrook, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  • Description: 53 Sectional Title Apartments
  • Project Value: R45,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Ruby Corner

  • Location: Featherbrook, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  • Description: 30 Sectional Title Free Standing Units
  • Project Value: R37,500,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Valderrama Villas

  • Location: Emfuleni Golf Estate, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
  • Description: 30 Full-Title Units
  • Project Value: R33,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Montana Hills

  • Location: Sugar Bush Estate, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  • Description: 32 Sectional Title Apartments
  • Project Value: R28,500,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Pebble Creek

  • Location: Sugar Bush Estate, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  • Description: 57 Sectional Title Apartments
  • Project Value: R53,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT

Adante Gardens

  • Location: Agavia, Krugersdorp, Gauteng
  • Description: 20 Full-Title Units
  • Project Value: R8,000,000
  • Availability: SOLD OUT